Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hello there, this is Stephanie.  Jarilyn gave me the info to put on my own updates since it is hard to know what to say.

Fist and foremost, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers, phone calls, cards, food, everything !  The help and support has been amazing,,,,thank you so much.  Danny reads me the cards so it has been fun to share those with him. 

So, how is it all going?  Mostly it is the same.  The vision is still what it is.  I still have a big blot in my eye that is a white color with lost of spots around it (much like a migraine) and i still have blurry vision, not double, just not clear.  again, much like my migraines.  pretty much sucks, but i am super grateful i can see!  like i said, got to see Danny's face to see how cute he is when he drives me nuts.. besides, you really need to keep an eye on him...could you imagine what he would try to get away with if he knew i can not see anything?? yikes!!!

Physically (other than the eyes) i have no difficulties, other than i am exhausted most of the time.  i hope to start an exercise program next week to help with that.  i have been active to build my strength, but I must admit that i don't feel well when i get my head hot (you know that point in exercise when that happens) and i don't have clear instructions on what i can and cannot do because the doctor said not to exert myself but it is OK to exercise.  Really.... what does that mean?  Isn't the whole idea of exercise to exert yourself?  I met with the nutritonalist who gave me the specific questions to ask so i will have a better idea of what that means after my doctor appointment this week. 

I am having some memory issues, so the dog is getting use to being left outside, i have let the water run for long periods of time, and i still cannot find my new wool jacket i bought at the end of last season (I wore it once and have no clue where it went from there), but they don't even measure that for 6 months so i am not going to worry about it too much.  Danny is helping me by taking more responsibility in the mornings and we are finding ways to keep the important stuff straight.  for example, my dear friend Jane gave me pill boxes to keep my meds straight, Paul fills the boxes, and i have a calendar/folder where everything is written down so i don't mess up, or if i do they will know what i did.

I went to the neurologist last week, and got a couple of answers but not all of them.  i know i will have back most of the vision i am going to get back within 6 months, and then may get a little more during the next six months, but will have what i am going to get in the first year.  I also found out i have not just a hole in my heart, but a pucker.  the pucker allows blood to pool and that could cause clots.  plus i have a genetic blood disorder that can lead to clotting and exhaustion.  I will learn more about the blood thing on November 20 and will most definitely be sharing more so the Chases and Montplaisirs can get that checked out!  He did say eye exercises and therapy will not help but that i should try to read and use them as i want to and suggests i get pink glasses for the eye sensitivity.  so, if you want to send me an email that is great, but please use smaller words and more line breaks as it is really hard to read large groups of letters, and Danny cannot help me if the words are too big. 

I am going to a Neuro Opthimologist next week who will measure my sight loss and will be kind of a second opinion to what the neurologist said.

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