Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8th, 2010

Mom was released from the hospital yesterday and will be calling people for rides soon. We thought we had a solution for Danny to get to school, but it might not work out, so we may need help with that after all.

"I woke up with a headache today, but I am supposed to avoid taking abortive drugs (Advil, aspirin, etc..). They are drugs that you take after the headache starts. I only had to take one ibuprofen yesterday and haven't had to take any today. :)"   - Stephanie

She is going to try to get into a nutritionist sometime soon. She is not supposed to be eating anything with Vitamin K which is found in vegetables like broccoli, kale, cauliflower and fruits like avocados and kiwi. Just an FYI for those of you who offered to make food for the family.

Doctors told her to try not to focus to much, to try to relax her eyes as much as she can because she needs to let her brain do the work and if she strains her eyes too much it might hurt instead of help.

Her and dad went shopping today and bought stuff for her to see better. She bought a calendar/planner that is two 8.5x11 sheets of paper for one week. :) She got some felt tip markers too which are easier for her to see since they are thicker than pens.

I have talked to her a lot today and she has been in good spirits all day. I am glad, it has been a few weeks since she has giggled. :)    I will be going over there and spending most of the day with her tomorrow. We are going to run errands and get some stuff done that she won't usually ask for like a haircut and maybe one for the dog too.....

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